Over the last ten years, I have carried out well over four hundred initial design meetings where I have worked out a concept design for the homeowners or renters. Throughout this time, I have developed a design method that, by sharing with you in this webinar, will allow you to look at your own plans with fresh eyes.


Whether you are attempting the design layout yourself or approaching an architect or designer, I will discuss with you how to understand and impliement both your family needs and your design desires. In this masterclass, I want to share with you these crucial first steps to help you achieve a successful design that is perfectly tailored for your home and your lifestyle.

Live Masterclass - A Deep Dive into Kitchen Design - Wednesday 16th June 7.30pm
Going deep into depths of kitchen design....leaving the triangle of preparation at the door! We will be looking at different positions for kitchen design in different house types, and the pros and cons of
16 Jun, 19:30
Online Design Webinar

What we will cover during the masterclass -


This masterclass will give you insight into how I approach any design.  I will talk you through the questions and discussions you must be having with your architect or designer in order to get your voice heard and your ideas listened to.


Brief talk about briefs -

We will look at what to think about for your home design brief, what to include and what to leave out.


My Three Design Rules -

The main part of the masterclass will detail my three key design rules that you can use when looking at your own plans.  How they bend, change and overlap to make your home fit your needs, rather than fighting against it. 


Tricks and tips for a bespoke feel - 

A few beautiful and simple ways to enhance your design and give it a really bespoke look and feel, no matter what your budget.


Images and drawings -

All slides will be emailed to you after the event, so you can refer back when needed


Repeat Viewing -

Lifetime access to the recorded live masterclass


Tickets are only available until 6.30pm on Wednesday 9th June - so get your seat booked!


Limited early bird tickets at £37


Standard Tickets at £47